The Predictive Index for Microsoft Teams

Getting started with PI for Teams

The Predictive Index for Microsoft Teams allows you to access PI data right from your Teams workspace. 

How to install PI for Teams

The following guide walks you through the installation process.

Note: The first person in your organization who tries to install the PI application will need your org’s “Microsoft Azure tenant admin” approval before they, or any other Teams user, can use the app.

1. Add the app from the Microsoft Apps Marketplace.

From Microsoft Teams, click Apps in the bottom-left corner. A search bar will appear. Type in “The Predictive Index” and hit enter.

Visit our app page, then click the Add button to install the app. 

2. Request approval from your Microsoft tenant admin.

You will be prompted to log in using your Microsoft Teams credentials and connect the PI app to your account.

Upon logging in, you’ll then be prompted to submit the app for admin approval.

Tip: In the optional text box to “enter justification for requesting this app,” copy and paste the below message so your admin has the information they need to approve the app:

Please approve this app, as we are existing clients of The Predictive Index. For more info on the scope and permissions of this app, check out this guide:

When ready, click Request approval to proceed.

3. Approve the PI application. (Microsoft admins)

Your Microsoft tenant administrator will be notified about your request to approve The Predictive Index for Microsoft Teams. 

If you are the Microsoft tenant admin and you’re comfortable moving forward, please approve the application. 

If you have concerns and need to talk to someone before approving, feel free to speak to your company’s PI admin, or contact us directly at

4. Notify the requestor that the app’s been approved. (Microsoft admins)

Microsoft Teams doesn’t automatically notify users when an application is approved.

If you’ve approved PI for Microsoft Teams, please notify the initial requestor that they can proceed.

5. Connect the app to your Teams workplace.

Once the app is approved, return to the Predictive Index app page and verify that the app is installed.

If the app isn’t installed, click Add once more.

If the app’s already installed, finish connecting your PI account to your Teams account by typing and selecting the Connect command from the PI app screen. 

What can I do with PI for Teams?

PI for Teams currently integrates with PI Hire and PI Inspire, allowing you to do the following:

PI Hire

  • Get notified whenever a candidate completes the PI Behavioral Assessment.
  • Get notified whenever a candidate completes the PI Cognitive Assessment.

PI Inspire

  • Pull up a co-worker’s behavioral data using the “About [colleague name]” command.

What commands are available in PI for Teams?

PI for Teams supports the following commands:

  • Connect – connect your PI account to MS Teams
  • Disconnect – disconnect your PI account
  • Notifications – manage your app notification settings
  • About – view behavioral insights about your colleagues within Teams
  • Help – see available commands


I downloaded the app, but can’t log in. Why is this?
The Predictive Index for Microsoft Teams is only compatible with the latest version of the PI software.

To upgrade your account to the latest version, we encourage you to contact your PI consultant.
How do I turn assessment notifications on/off?
1. From the PI app screen, type and select the Notifications command.

2. You’ll be brought to a screen with two toggles: one for Behavioral Assessment notifications, the other for Cognitive Assessment notifications.

3. Toggle each on or off based on your notification preferences.

4. Confirm your changes by clicking Save changes.
Why can’t I pull behavioral data for a specific colleague?
If a person doesn’t show up in the “About [colleague name]” search, here’s how to troubleshoot:

1. Verify your organization has an active PI Inspire subscription.

2. Make sure the colleague has been invited to join Inspire.

3. Confirm they’ve completed the PI Behavioral Assessment.

4. Check that they’ve logged into Inspire and reached the home screen.
What permissions does PI for Teams have?
By connecting PI for Teams, you grant the app permission to:

– Receive messages and data that app users provide to it.

– Send users messages and notifications, only to individuals using the app.

– Access PI users’ profile information such as name, email address, company name, and preferred language.
Where can I find PI’s privacy policy and terms of use?
You can read our privacy policy and terms of use by visiting the below links:

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use
Where can I go with additional questions?
If you have additional questions about the PI for Teams app, please submit a support ticket.

Do you still need support? Contact us here.

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