Changing your language settings

Want to change the default language for the PI Behavioral Assessment? You can do so from the Organization Settings tab.

How to set your default assessment language

  1. Log in to the PI software.
  2. Click the gear icon () in the top-right of the navigation bar. 
  3. You will land on the People tab within the Administration page.
  4. Click the Organization Settings tab.
  5. Select “Language Settings” on the left-hand side.
  6. Click the dropdown under “Default Assessment Language.”
  7. Select your preferred language.
  8. Click the Save Changes button.


How many languages does the PI Behavioral Assessment support?
The PI Behavioral Assessment supports 68 languages:

– English (US)
– Afrikaans
– Albanian (Albania)
– Arabic (International)
– Armenian (Armenia)
– Basque
– Bulgarian
– Catalan
– Chinese (People’s Republic of China)
– Chinese (Taiwan)
– Czech
– Danish
– Dutch (Netherlands)
– Estonian (Estonia)
– Farsi
– Finnish
– French (France)
– FYRO Macedonian
– Georgian
– German (Germany)
– Greek
– Greenlandic
– Gujarati
– Haitian Creole
– Hebrew
– Hindi
– Hungarian
– Icelandic
– Ilocano
– Indonesian
– Italian (Italy)
– Japanese
– Kazakh
– Khmer
– Korean
– Lao
– Latvian
– Lithuanian
– Malay (Malaysia)
– Malayalam
– Norwegian (Bokmål)
– Papiamentu
– Polish
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Portuguese (Portugal)
– Romanian (Romania)
– Punjabi
– Russian
– Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)
– Croatian (Croatia)
– Slovak
– Slovenian
– Spanish (Spain, Modern Sort)
– Spanish (Latin America)
– Swedish
– Tamil
– Filipino
– Thai
– Turkish
– Ukrainian
– Vietnamese
– Samoan
– Sesotho
– Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)
– Swahili
– Tongan
– Xhosa
– Zulu
Why does the “Default assessment language” setting only have 13 choices?
Although the PI Behavioral Assessment is available in 68 languages, only 13 are available as company-wide defaults:

– English (US)
– Chinese (Simplified)
– Danish
– Dutch
– French
– German
– Italian
– Japanese
– Korean
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Russian
– Spanish (Modern Sort)
– Swedish

Assessment takers may choose from any of the 68 available languages before they take the actual assessment. (See: Can PI Behavioral Assessment takers choose a different language than the default?)
Can PI Behavioral Assessment takers choose a different language than the default?
Yes. When a candidate or employee opens an invitation to take the PI Behavioral Assessment, the instructions will display based on the default assessment language. However, before taking the actual assessment, the reader will be prompted to choose the language they’re most comfortable with out of 68 choices.

Example: If your language default is English, but a PI Behavioral Assessment taker would prefer to take the assessment in French, they can do so.
If I change the default assessment language, will it affect other users?
Yes. “Default assessment language” is a company-wide setting that applies to all subsequent behavioral assessments sent from PI users at your organization. Only one default language can be enabled at a time.

Example: Jane Doe is a recruiter at your organization who uses PI Hire. If you change the default assessment language from “English” to “French,” and Jane sends out a Behavioral Assessment the following day, the assessment will be presented in French.
How do I change the default language of PI software emails?
You can do so from the Software Email Templates page.
I don’t see an option to modify language settings. Why?
You must be an organization admin to modify language settings.

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