Creating a quick link

Creating a quick link is one of two survey distribution methods available in PI Diagnose. 

This method generates a universal link for a specific survey, so you can then share that link with your employees.

Why should I use this method? 

Creating a quick link is the quickest way to gather feedback about the employee experience. Unlike importing organizational data, creating a quick link lets you send out a survey without much prep work.

What’s the downside to this method?

The quick link is 100% anonymous. PI is unable to tie the results back to individual employees, which means you cannot analyze macro- and micro-level trends like you would if you imported your organizational data.

  1. Select Diagnose from the top navigation bar.
  1. From the Survey Center, select the survey you wish to send.
  1. Select the Distribute tab.
  1. Select Create a quick link.
  1. You will be presented with a link to copy and share. (Use the provided email template to easily send the survey to your team.)


How do I schedule my survey?
Your survey will automatically go live from the moment you generate a quick link. By default, surveys sent via quick link are live for a period of 14 days.

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