Creating a survey

PI Diagnose lets you select and send surveys to your team or organization, so you can collect candid feedback about the employee experience.

How to create a survey

  1. Select Diagnose from the top navigation bar.
  1. From the Survey Center, click Explore our surveys.
  1. You’ll be presented with a list of survey templates to choose from.
  1. Once you’ve found a template that best fits your needs, click Create survey.
  1. This will generate a survey draft. 
  1. The draft autosaves in real time, meaning you’re free to exit (or resume) at any time. 

Which survey template should I start with?

Diagnose provides a variety of templates designed to help you measure specific aspects of the employee experience.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right template for your needs:

  • You can filter surveys by one of five categories: job, manager, people, organization, and engagement.
  • A lightning bolt () signifies a pulse survey, which can be completed in 2 minutes or less.
  • Click Preview to view a template before actually drafting it.

If you’re still unsure which template to start with, the Overall Pulse Check is a recommended first step.

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