Diagnose FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Account creation

Can I sign up for a PI Diagnose account with Gmail or another free email service?
No. Only business email domains are accepted.
What happens if a user from an active PI software account tries to create a new account?
The user will receive the below error message.

This happens regardless of which PI products your organization is subscribed to.
What’s the ideal company size for PI Diagnose? 
PI Diagnose is appropriate for companies of any size. 

Account permissions, limits, and upgrades

My company signed up for the Diagnose trial. How long does the trial last?
The Inspire trial lasts for 21 days.
I tried signing up for Diagnose, but it says the trial has ended. Can I still sign up?
The Diagnose trial applies to your entire organization. You’ve likely received this message if another person at your company went through the trial before.

To extend your trial, please reach out to our sales team at sales@predictiveindex.com.
Can I sign up for a Hire or Inspire trial if I’ve already tried Diagnose?
Yes. Hire and Inspire each has a dedicated trial, and you can sign up for them even after your Diagnose trial has lapsed. 

Note: Like Diagnose, the Inspire trial applies to your entire organization. By contrast, the Hire trial is available on a per-account basis.
How do I upgrade my Diagnose account?
You can upgrade your account by contacting your PI consultant

Data privacy

Who owns the data in my PI account? 
The administrator(s) of your PI account is the data controller.
Can my PI Consultant access my Diagnose account?
Yes, but only if you’ve provided the consultant with third-party access.

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