1:1 feedback

Providing 1:1 feedback

The 1:1 feedback tab lets you give private feedback to a co-worker.

How to give 1:1 feedback

  1. Head to your 1:1 feedback tab.
  2. Click “Give feedback.”
  3. Select the person for whom you’d like to give feedback.

From there, we provide three options:

Note: We strongly encourage using the video recording feature for feedback to properly convey tone and vibe. It’s not always easy to receive constructive feedback, so hearing it delivered sincerely goes a long way.

  1. We provide a simple Blank option when you already know exactly what you’d like say.
  2. Our most common template is Strength & Opportunities. This contains research-based prompts in the format of “I like that you…” and “I wish that you…” which have been proven to yield more focused, actionable, and kinder feedback.
  3. We’re especially excited to offer FeedbackAI, which leverages natural-language machine learning to provide recommended ways to phrase your feedback. We’ve heard from first-time managers and senior directors that this can be immensely helpful in providing feedback more often.

Whichever method you choose, once you submit your feedback for this one person it is kept within your 1:1 workspace to maintain privacy.

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