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Accessing behavioral insights

You now have the ability to access both your own behavioral insights, as well as behavioral insights for colleagues with whom you have a 1:1 workspace, in PI Perform.

Accessing your own behavioral insights

If you have taken the PI Behavioral Assessment, your associated Reference Profile will populate on your PI Perform profile page and within your personal workspace, and will include key behavioral insights on how you work!

If you have not taken the Behavioral Assessment, there will be a link to take the assessment both on your profile page and within your personal workspace. Once you complete the assessment, your associated Reference Profile will automatically populate within PI Perform.

Accessing your colleagues’ behavioral insights

If the colleagues with whom you have 1:1 workspaces have taken the Behavioral Assessment, their Reference Profiles will automatically populate within these workspaces, along with key behavioral insights. Use this feature to accelerate your understanding of the managers, direct reports, and colleagues with whom you interface regularly.

If you do not see behavioral insights for colleagues in your 1:1 workspaces, that means they have not yet taken the Behavioral Assessment. Send them a nudge to complete the assessment so you can work better together!

What are Reference Profiles?

Everyone who takes the PI Behavioral Assessment automatically falls under one of our 17 Reference Profiles, which provide a shortcut for understanding behaviors and needs that drive people.

Reference Profiles provide a general idea of a person based on their behavioral drives, otherwise known as the four factors:

  • Dominance (A)
  • Extraversion (B)
  • Patience (C)
  • Formality (D)

For a deep dive into how PI’s Behavioral Assessment works, the science behind it, and how to interpret results, visit our PI Basics page.

Why are behavioral insights important?

One of the primary motivations for the acquisition of Charma by The Predictive Index was to build a truly differentiated performance management solution. Our mission was simple: Take the existing Charma software you’ve come to expect and make people and team management even more intuitive with the help of PI’s behavioral science.

In early 2024, Charma was rebranded to PI Perform and integrated into The Predictive Index’s talent optimization suite. But this wasn’t a simple name change. With the rebrand, we’ve added several new PI-powered features intended to make performance management more personalized and effective.

Reference Profiles are used globally by more than 10,000 PI clients, and provide a powerful snapshot of how you’re wired at work. With the addition of Reference Profiles to PI Perform, you can get near-instant behavioral insights—for you or a colleague—right within your 1:1 workspaces.

Each person’s Reference Profile in PI Perform is accompanied by a list of behavioral insights. These details—from tips on “how to interact” with a person, to a summary of their strengths, cautions, and preferred work style—provide users with actionable guidance around how to work best with others.

Use PI’s behavioral insights to take the guesswork out of communication and foster better, more effective working relationships. That way, you can spend less time resolving conflict or gaining alignment, and more time getting work done.

We’ll be updating Perform with additional PI features over time to provide more ways to personalize your experience. We hope the new changes prove an invaluable tool in helping your team achieve its goals.


Is there a way to compare my behavioral data with a co-worker’s?

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