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Accessing relationship insights

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the concept of behavioral data, you may wish to see how your data compares to a manager, peer, or report.

Every 1:1 workspace now features a Relationship tab. Use this tab to view relationship data between you and your colleague.

How to access relationship data in Perform

  1. Log in to Perform.
  2. Select the relevant 1:1 workspace.
  3. Click the Relationship tab at the top of the page.
  4. You will see an overlay of your and your colleague’s behavioral data.

How do I use the Relationship tab?

The Relationship tab takes your Behavioral Pattern and overlays it with your colleague’s. Use the results to see where you two are similar, and where you’re different.

In this example, Javier is a Guardian and Lin is a Persuader. Javier is known to be collaborative, reserved, steady, and precise in the workplace. By comparison, Lin tends to be more independent, sociable, driving, and flexible.

For quick tips on how to work better together, read the “How to interact with” bullets underneath your colleague’s pattern.

For full relationship insights, including strengths, potential caution areas, and in-depth tips, click the “View in Inspire” button.


Why can’t I view my relationship data with “X” person?
There are three common reasons why you can’t access relationship data:

– The intended person hasn’t been invited to Perform.

– The intended person hasn’t completed the PI Behavioral Assessment.

– You haven’t completed the PI Behavioral Assessment.

The following FAQ questions will walk you through how to do each of the above.
How do I invite someone to Perform?
1. Click the “Invite Teammates” button on the left-hand side.

2. Enter the person’s name and email.

3. Confirm by clicking “Create Workspace.”

How do I send someone the PI Behavioral Assessment?
1. Visit your Relationship tab with that person.

2. You will see a prompt to send them the assessment.

3. Click the “Send assessment” button.

4. They will receive an email inviting them to take the assessment.
How do I take the PI Behavioral Assessment myself?
1. Visit your Relationship tab with that person.

2. You will see a prompt to take the assessment.

3. Click the “Take the assessment” button.

4. The assessment will open in a new window. (Return to Perform once you’re done.)

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