Personal prep work

Using your Home page

Your Home page provides a single, one-stop overview of your day and priorities.

What’s on my Perform Home page?

  • Our tailored prompts remind you of upcoming meetings, to recognize your valued team members with kudos, and to check in on goal progress.
  • Integrate your calendar to view your day’s schedule with 1-click navigation to relevant workspaces where you can add Discussion Topics to agendas (or even join Meeting Mode if it’s already started 🕙).
  • Your Action Items is a comprehensive list of all your to-dos. You’ll see each of the meetings the action items are tied to, as well as the due date.

The Perform navigation bar

Your most important pages are listed on the top row of your screen.

  • Need to see what your team members are working on? View Team Action Items and use SurfaceAI.
  • Want to say “thanks” or recognize good work with a shoutout? Give Kudos.
  • Have that thought you don’t want to forget but also not disrupt someone with a DM? Add an Item to any workspace with one click.

Additional support

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