Group Analytics

Creating a Group Analytics report

Group Analytics lets you compare two or more people’s behavioral data, so you can visualize trends. 

Use the results to understand group dynamics, analyze top performers to find shared strengths, or compare employees to their current job to identify development opportunities.

How to create a Group Analytics report

  1. Log in to the PI software.
  2. Select the graph icon () in the top navigation bar.
  3. You will land on the Group Analytics tool.
  4. Enter the names of employees and/or teams.
  5. (Optional) Select a Job to compare the group to.
  6. Select “Create report.”
  7. Your report will generate.

Note: To avoid potential biases, only select a Job when comparing people who are all in that current role.


What does the average pattern represent?
The average pattern represents the aggregated factor values of the people being analyzed. If one is high-dominance, and another is low-dominance, their average will meet somewhere in the middle. Use the average pattern to understand the collective “behavioral culture” of the group.
Can I use Group Analytics for hiring?
Group Analytics is not validated for use in hiring and can create bias if not used responsibly. Only include a job target when comparing employees in that exact role, and never make a hiring decision based on Group Analytics. 

Instead, use PI Hire to create a Behavioral Target based on the behavioral requirements of the role.
When should I include a job target?
Only include a job target when comparing employees in that exact role. If you add a “Sales Manager” job target, everyone being compared should be an existing Sales Manager.
Why can’t I view my report in “Individual view”?
Individual view isn’t available for reports that exceed 25 people.

To view individual data, click the “Run a new report” button in the top-right corner and include a shorter list of employees.
I don’t see “X” employee when searching for them. Why?
If an employee doesn’t show up in the search bar for Analytics, here’s how to troubleshoot:

1. Double-check that you’ve sent the employee the PI Behavioral Assessment.

2. Verify that the person has completed the assessment. (If they have, you’ll see their Reference Profile in the Employee Directory.)

3. Revisit Group Analytics and try searching for the employee again.

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