User management

Managing and inviting users

The People tab within the Administration page () lets you add new users, manage organization settings, and set employee access levels for various PI products.

Summary of user types

There are two different types of users: an employee and a third-party user.


Employee is the default user type within the PI platform.

When managing employees, you can set their access levels for each PI product your organization is subscribed to. You can set these access levels on both a per-user and per-product basis.

Third-party user

Third-party user is a special user type intended for users outside of your organization (such as your PI Consultant).

By default, third-party users are granted the highest access level to all PI products your organization is subscribed to. This access level cannot be customized.

Instead, when managing third-party users, you can toggle their access either completely on or completely off. You can toggle third-party access on a person-by-person basis.

Note: You cannot manually add third-party users at this time.

How to add a new employee

  1. Log in to the PI software.
  2. Click the gear icon () in the top-right of the navigation bar. 
  3. You will land on the People tab within the Administration page.
  4. Click the Invite users button.
  5. Enter the email address(es) of the employee(s) you’d like to add.
  6. Click the Add user button.
  7. Within the Product access section, select which access level you’d like to grant the employee(s) for each PI product.
  8. Select whether or not to allow the employee(s) to activate premium PI features.
  9. When finished, click Send invitations.

Note: You can invite up to 20 employees at a time. Any access levels and activation permissions you assign will be applied in bulk to the employees you invite.


Is there any limit on the number of employees I can add/manage?
No—there is no limit on the number of users your organization can have.
How do I remove an employee?
You cannot currently remove an employee once they’ve been added.
How do I add/remove a third-party user?
You cannot manually add or remove third-party users at this time. To do so, please submit a support ticket.

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