Cognitive Targets

Understanding the Cognitive Target

This article is about setting, using, adjusting, and/or overriding the Cognitive Target, which can provide a key, additional data point in your hiring evaluations.

But cognitive data is just one data point, and should not be weighed more or less heavily than other criteria considered during the hiring process.

What is the Cognitive Target?

The Cognitive Target gauges someone’s ability to handle the essential demands of a role. Different jobs require different skills, just as they require different behaviors. 
To set the Cognitive Target for a role, you must answer 16 questions related to its basic requirements. 

How do I use it?

This PI Cognitive Assessment is a 50-question, 12-minute timed evaluation covering areas like simple math, basic logic, and language comprehension. The number of questions your candidate answers correctly in the given time frame will determine their cognitive score.

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You will see your candidate’s results alongside your Cognitive Target. If their results meet the target for the role, they should be able to perform the necessary requirements.

You can use the Cognitive Target for roles that require:

  • Learning new skills
  • Adjusting to new scenarios in the workplace
  • Processing information at a quicker pace

Don’t use the Cognitive Assessment for:

  • Roles that don’t have potential for advancement
  • Positions with minimal complexity
  • Instances in which a candidate’s disability compromises their access to or completion of the assessment in the allotted time.

Overriding the Cognitive Target

Admin Users have the ability to override the Cognitive Target if they choose. Learn more here.

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