Employee management

Viewing your employee list

The Manage Employees screen includes an employee list, which lets you view and sort various information about your co-workers.

How is my employee list calculated?

A person is added to the employee list once one of the following occurs:

Note: An employee is only added to the list if the email they use to create an account or take the Behavioral Assessment shares the same business domain as their account Administrator.

How do I search for a specific employee?

  1. Log in to PI Inspire.
  2. From the Inspire homepage, select the Manage Employees tab.
  3. Enter the person’s name or email in the search bar in the top-left corner.
  4. Find their information from the list that generates.

Note: Clicking the person’s name will bring you to their Snapshot page.

Additional FAQs

What information can I see from my employee list?
Your employee list includes the following information about each employee:

– The name and email associated with their PI account
– Their manager’s name (if applicable)
– Their Reference Profile

Note: If you’re an Inspire Admin, you’ll also be able to see whether an employee has joined and gained access to Inspire.
I can’t find another PI user on the employee list. Why?
It’s possible to have PI users at your organization who aren’t visible in Inspire. 

For example, if someone at your company uses PI Hire, but has never taken the Behavioral Assessment or signed up for Inspire, they won’t appear on the list.

You can solve this by inviting them to Inspire.
Why can’t I see “X” person’s Reference Profile?
The person in question needs to complete the PI Behavioral Assessment before their Reference Profile will populate.

If they have trouble finding the Behavioral Assessment invite, they should search their inbox for an email from noreply@mailer.predictiveindex.com. Alternatively, you can resend their Inspire invitation.
My “employee list” count is different from my “Inspire employee count.” Why?
In most cases, these two numbers will be the same. When they’re different, it likely means you have employees who have been inspired to Inspire but haven’t yet completed the PI Behavioral Assessment.

Once those employees complete the Behavioral Assessment, they will be added to the “Inspire employee count” total.

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