Calendar syncing

How do the PI Perform integrations for Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook Calendar work?

To integrate your calendar to PI Perform click here or visit the integrations tab in the app.

Our Calendar Integration adds a lot of horsepower to PI Perform for you and your team. Once you integrate your calendar, you’ll see a pop-up modal prompting you to select your recurring meetings for existing workspaces and will also suggest recurring meetings on your calendar to create workspaces for.

Once you have your workspaces connected, PI Perform will then suggest meeting attendees to invite so that everyone is connected to the workspaces they care about.

The PI Perform calendar integrations streamline getting started, but there are also ongoing benefits to the calendar integration:

  • Reminders to prepare for upcoming meetings and other helpful notifications from PI Perform across email, Slack or Teams & in-app will be tailored to your schedule day-to-day.
  • You’ll be able to launch your meeting workspace in PI Perform from your calendar when you connect to your video conference in one click.
  • You’ll also have the option to connect to your video conference directly from PI Perform.

At this time, the video conferencing functionality is compatible with Zoom.

To request another video conferencing solution integration, or for additional questions, please use this link to submit a ticket. Thanks!

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