Microsoft Teams

How do I install Perform’s integration for Microsoft Teams?

Perform’s integration with Microsoft Teams can be installed individually or for your entire team. Instructions for both are outlined below.

How to install for your team

1. Go to this Microsoft URL to see our app (called “WorkPatterns”, our previous name).

2. Select the dropdown arrow next to the app button (as shown below).

3. Click “Add to Teams” from the dropdown.

4. The bot will post a welcome message to the team.

How to install to your personal account

1. Go to this Microsoft URL.

2. Click the “Add” button on the screen that pops up.

3. You will receive a welcome message from the bot, if you have a PI Perform account.

If you don’t have a PI Perform account, create one here, then send any message to the bot in your personal chat with it.

Do you still need support? Contact us here.

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