Action items

Creating and assigning action items

As you walk through agenda topics, you may decide there’s an opportunity to follow up or take action. Perform lets you create and assign action items right within a workspace, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

How to create and assign action items

  1. Log in to Perform.
  2. Select the relevant workspace.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled Action Items.
  4. Click “Add Item.”
  1. Type in the action you’d like completed.
  1. Modify the due date for this item (if needed).
  2. Modify the owner of this item (if needed). 

Note: By default, Perform assigns a due date 7 days out from the creation of the item, and assigns the item to the person creating it. You can modify the due date and owner at any time (as shown in the following screens).

Converting agenda topics into action items

You don’t need to create action items from scratch. If you have an existing agenda topic that requires a follow-up action, simply convert that topic into an action item.

From the relevant workspace:

  1. Find the agenda topic you’d like to convert.
  1. Click the ellipsis icon on the right-hand side.
  1. Select “Convert to action item.”
  2. You’ll be brought to the Action Items section of the workspace. Your agenda topic will automatically be converted into an action item.
  1. Modify the task name, due date, and owner as needed.

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