Access levels

Toggling access for third-party users

The Third Party Users page lets you manage existing third-party users and their access permissions.

What permissions do third-party users have?

Third-party users are granted the highest access level to all PI products your organization is subscribed to. They can do everything a product admin can do, plus the majority of what an organization admin can do.

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between an organization admin and third-party user:

Org adminThird-party user
Access to “Employee Directory”
Access to “Employee Access Settings”
Configure organization settings
Manage subscription and billing details
Modify employee access levels
Remove employee software access
Anonymize employees
Enable/disable third-party user access
Promote/demote organization admins
(PI Hire only) Be promoted to cognitive admin*
(PI Hire only) Be granted cognitive access

*Cognitive admins can view and send cognitive data. They can also grant cognitive access to any employee in Hire.

How to enable/disable third-party access

  1. Log in to the PI software.
  2. Click the gear icon () in the top-right of the navigation bar. 
  3. Select Third Party Users on the left-hand side.
  4. Search for the name or email address of the person whose access you’d like to enable/disable.
  5. Select/deselect the checkbox under the Access header.
  6. (Optional) Repeat for additional users.
  7. Click Save changes.


What is a third-party user?
Third-party user is a special user type intended for users outside of your organization (such as your PI Consultant). When enabled, third-party users are granted the highest access level to all PI products your organization is subscribed to.
Can I customize third-party access by PI product?
Third-party access cannot be customized. When managing third-party users, you can toggle their access either completely on or completely off.
How do I add/remove a third-party user?
You cannot manually add or remove third-party users at this time. To do so, please submit a support ticket.

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