Creating a team

Creating a team is the first step in unlocking insights about your teammates.

How to create a team

  1. Log in to the PI software.
  2. Select Design from the top navigation bar.
  1. You will land on the Design home page.
  2. Click the “Create new team” button.
  1. Enter a team name.
  2. (Optional) Provide some details about your team structure and goals.
  3. Click “Create team” to confirm.

If this is your first time creating a team, you will be presented with a brief onboarding experience. You will also be prompted to take the PI Behavioral Assessment (BA).

Note: Taking the Behavioral Assessment is required for you to view your own behavioral insights. If you’ve already taken the BA, you can provide your Behavioral Score ID to replicate your results.


How do I delete a team?
PI Design does not currently allow you to delete a team. Instead, we encourage you to update your team(s) as new team members enter or exit, and as your team dynamics shift.

Additional support

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