PI Behavioral Assessment

What is a Behavioral Score ID?

Behavioral Score ID is a unique identifier you can use to retrieve your PI Behavioral Assessment results if ever prompted to take the assessment again.

Why your Behavioral Score ID matters

Your Behavioral Score ID is particularly useful if you’ve taken the PI Behavioral Assessment in the past (such as at a previous employer) and wish to take your results with you to a new organization. 

For this reason, we always recommend you record your ID when you first take the Behavioral Assessment.

How to find your Behavioral Score ID

There are two ways to locate your Behavioral Score ID: by email and within the PI software.

By email

  1. Open the inbox of the email address you used to take the PI Behavioral Assessment.
  2. Search for an email from The Predictive Index titled, “You’ve Completed the PI Behavioral Assessment.”
  3. Click into the email, and scroll toward the bottom.
  4. You’ll see a section titled “Your Behavioral Score ID.”
  5. Within, you’ll find a 10-digit ID of this format: XXX-XXXX-XXX.
  6. Bookmark the email and record your ID for future reference.

Within the PI software

  1. Log in to the PI account you used to take the PI Behavioral Assessment.
  2. Select the person icon () in the top right of the navigation bar.
  3. Your My Profile page will load.
  4. Scroll down and click Download Behavioral Assessment Report.
  5. Open the PDF file that was generated.
  6. On the first page, you’ll find a 10-digit ID located underneath the Synthesis section of your report. The ID follows this format: XXX-XXXX-XXX.
  7. Keep a copy of your report and record your ID for future reference.


 I took PI for a previous job. How do I get my Behavioral Score ID?
Due to our privacy policy, we cannot share assessment data collected by a third party (like a past employer). To recover your Behavioral Score ID, we recommend you reach out to your previous employer directly.

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