Access levels

Understanding access levels

Access levels determine what actions you can perform within each product of the Predictive Index platform. 

User access levels can be viewed and managed via the gear icon () in the top-right of your navigation bar.

What are the different access levels?

Users can be assigned one of four access levels:

  • Limited: Restricted in what they can create, view, and edit
  • Full: Unrestricted in what they can create, view, and edit
  • Product admin: Full access; can promote/demote full and limited users
  • Organization admin: Full access to all products; can promote/demote any user, including product admins and other org admins

Access levels are set on a per-product basis. For example: If you’re subscribed to PI Hire and PI Design, it’s possible to be a product admin in Hire and a limited user in Design.

Exception: The organization admin is a special-case permission that grants full access to all PI products. An organization admin can only be promoted by an existing org admin.

What are the default access levels for new users?

Here’s how access levels work by default:

  • The first user at your company to sign up for PI (and confirm their email) becomes an organization admin.
  • The first user to sign up for a specific PI product (and confirm email) becomes a product admin.
  • Any subsequent users will receive limited access by default.

How to modify access levels

  1. Log in to the PI software.
  2. Click the gear icon () in the top-right of the navigation bar. 
  3. You will land on the People tab within the Administration page.
  4. Click “Employee Access Settings” on the left-hand side.
  5. Search the name(s) or email(s) of the employee(s) whose access levels you’d like to change.
  6. Select the checkbox next to each employee’s name.
  7. Click the dropdown box titled “Actions.”
  8. Select the PI product for which you’d like to modify access.
  9. A peek panel will open titled “Change [product name] access.”
  10. Click the dropdown box and select the desired access level.
  11. Confirm by clicking “Save changes.”

To enable an organization admin:

  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 from the directions above.
  2. Search the name or email of the employee you’d like to make an organization admin.
  3. Click the checkbox under the Organization Admin header.
  4. Your changes will automatically save.

Access levels overview

Note: To streamline permissions, full access has been phased out of PI Hire and PI Inspire.

Administration – Employee Directory

Org adminProduct adminFull*Limited
Access to the “Employee directory”
Invite new employees
Reinvite existing employees
Edit employee information
Change any non-admin’s access level
Change any non-admin’s ability to activate premium PI features
(e.g., redeem credits, activate teams, invite co-workers)
Remove employee software access
Anonymize employee records

*Full access has been phased out of PI Hire and PI Inspire.

Administration – Employee Access Settings

Org adminProduct adminFullLimited
Access to “Employee access settings”
Enable/disable third-party user access
Change any admin’s access level
Change any admin’s ability to activate premium PI features
(e.g., redeem credits, activate teams, invite co-workers)
Change your own access level

PI Hire

Org adminProduct
Create a new job
View all jobs and candidates
Edit all jobs
Share all jobs
View a job you have View access to 
Edit a job you have Edit access to
Share a job that has been shared with you
Be promoted to cognitive admin*
Promote or demote cognitive admins

*Cognitive admins can view and send cognitive data. They can also grant cognitive access to any employee in Hire.

PI Inspire

Org adminProduct adminLimited
View all co-workers
Invite co-workers✅*
Send bulk invites

*This is a default setting. Admins can toggle this permission from the Manage Users screen.

PI Design

Org adminProduct adminFullLimited
Create a new team
Edit a team you’ve created
View all teams
Edit all teams
Share all teams
View a team you have View access to
Edit a team you have Edit access to
Share a team that has been shared with you

PI Diagnose

Org adminProduct adminFullLimited
Create a new survey
View a survey you’ve created
Edit a survey you’ve created
View all surveys and results
Edit all surveys

Not sure what permission level to give for each product? Here’s our recommendation based on role and responsibilities:

Product adminFull*Limited
HireRecruiters; HR leadersN/AHiring managers
InspireManagers; HR leadersN/AEmployees
DesignL&D leaders; HR leaders ManagersEmployees
DiagnoseHR leadersManagersManagers

*Full access has been phased out of PI Hire and PI Inspire.

Note: These are just recommendations. We encourage you to review each access level and choose the permissions that best align with your team’s needs.


I don’t see full access in PI Hire or PI Inspire. Why? 
To streamline permissions, full access has been phased out of PI Hire and PI Inspire. 

In place of full access, we recommend you grant either limited access or admin privileges based on the following criteria:

PI Hire

Limited: (Recommended for hiring team.) Has access to Hire, but can only see Jobs shared with them.

Admin: (Recommended for recruitment team.) Has full visibility and edit access to all Jobs and Candidates.

PI Inspire

Limited: (Recommended for non-managers.) Can invite users, but can’t edit other users’ information or access.

Admin: (Recommended for managers.) Can invite users and manage user access.
I can’t view or edit a certain Job in PI Hire. How do I get access?
To view or edit a particular Job in PI Hire, you must either:

– Be given admin privileges by an existing admin. (This will let you view and edit all Jobs.)

– Ask an admin to share the Job with you with either View or Edit access. (This will only give you access to this particular Job.)
What permissions do third-party users have?

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