Adding internal candidates to a job

Considering internal candidates for an open role? PI Hire allows you to compare existing employees to a Job Target, just as you would for external candidates.

How to add an existing employee to a job

  1. Log in to PI Hire.
  2. You will land on the Hiring Center.
  3. Create a new job or select an existing job from the Jobs tab.
  4. Click the Candidates tab.
  5. Select the “Send Assessments” button.
  6. Enter the business email of the internal candidate. (Note: This email should match the organization domain associated with your PI subscription.)
  7. Select the name from the search results.

The following depends on whether the candidate has already completed the PI Behavioral Assessment.

If they haven’t completed the BA:

  1. (Optional) Select whether to auto-send the candidate’s Behavioral Report upon completion.
  2. Click “Resend assessment & add to job” to confirm.
  3. The candidate will receive an invite to complete the BA, and will now be associated with this job.

If they have completed the BA:

  1. Click “Add to Job.”
  2. The candidate will now be associated with this job.


How do I move an internal candidate to a different job?
Select a different job from the Hiring Center, and follow the same directions in this article. The internal candidate will automatically be moved to the new job.
I don’t see “X” candidate. Why?
It’s possible the employee doesn’t have existing data within the PI software. 

Instead of searching for their email:

1. Enter that email address.

2. Enter their first and last name.

3. Click “Send & add to job.”

4. The person will receive an invite to complete the PI Behavioral Assessment. Their data will be added to PI, and they will be added to this job.

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