Getting started with Inspire

PI Inspire helps you deeply understand your colleagues and reports, so you can improve your working relationships and work better together.

To get the most out of Inspire, it’s helpful to know what the software is capable of. Every tool or piece of content in the product is designed to help you improve your:

  • Self: Build awareness of your own unique behavioral style, so you can hone your strengths and shore up caution areas.
  • Relationships: Learn what motivates (or demotivates) your peers and reports. Get tips to improve working relationships, de-escalate conflict, and more.
  • Development: Upskill yourself (or your reports) with detailed coaching and development tips.

Learn more about each concept below.


One of the first things you’ll do in Inspire is view your Snapshot. Your Snapshot provides a brief overview of your unique behavioral identity and work style.

Once you’ve explored your Snapshot, go a level deeper by reading your Behavioral Report. This content provides an in-depth look at your personality, your strongest behaviors, and two different styles of leadership: 

  • Your management style: How you typically manage people or projects
  • Your influencing style: How you typically influence the people or work around you


Every employee who creates a PI Inspire account will have their own Snapshot and Behavioral Report. 

To view a person in Inspire, start by inviting them to the software. If someone’s already signed up for Inspire, you can search for them. Select their name, and you’ll be brought directly to their Snapshot page. Their Behavioral Report is a click away.

Inviting a co-worker also allows you to view relationship insights between you and them. You’ll see an overlay of your own behavioral style alongside your colleague’s, as well as relationship strengths, caution areas, and tips for working better together.


Inspire also supports continued personal development. From a person’s page, you can view management tips designed to help guide their learning and professional growth. You’ll also find more general tips to improve day-to-day interactions with this employee—and bring out their best.

Tips and best practices

Here are some other ways to make the most of PI Inspire:

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