Navigating your PI dashboard

Log in to the PI software, and you’ll land on your dashboard. Here, you can view recent activity, send assessment invites to co-workers, and jump to different PI products and features.

Learn more about how to use your dashboard in this article.

Understanding the dashboard

Your dashboard consists of four different elements:

1. Product panels

At the top of the dashboard, you’ll see five product panels. Use these shortcuts to quickly hop to a specific PI product, based on your needs.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Jobs & candidates: Develop job ads, send assessments to candidates, and build custom interview guides.
  • Employees: View employee behavioral data, pull up Relationship Guides, and explore other development materials.
  • Teams: Plot team members on a Team Map, and see how your group behaviors compare and contrast.
  • Surveys: Send out PI’s Employee Experience Survey or smaller pulse surveys, then monitor engagement data.
  • Perform: Set goals, create meeting agendas, and assign actions to keep everyone on track.

2. I’d like to’s

In addition to the top-level product panels, we’ve also provided shortcuts on the left-hand side. 

Use these “I’d like to’s” to access other important areas of the software, such as your Employee Directory.

3. Recent activity

Use the Recent activity section to view any recently sent assessments or recently created jobs. 

If an employee or candidate has completed the assessment, you will see their Reference Profile icon to the left of their name. 

If they haven’t completed the assessment, you can resend the assessment using the “Resend” button.

You’ll also see various hyperlinks. Here’s what happens if you click one:

  • Click an employee’s name under Employee assessments, and a panel will appear showing details about that person’s Reference Profile.
  • Click a candidate’s name under Candidate assessments, and you’ll be brought to their candidate page in Hire.
  • Click on a job name under Jobs, and you’ll be brought to the relevant job page in Hire.

4. “Send the Behavioral Assessment” widget

Finally, there’s a widget that allows you to easily send the Behavioral Assessment to an employee. Simply enter an email address and click “Send Assessment.”

Note: The email you enter must match an existing organization domain. If the email doesn’t match an allowed domain, you will get an error message.


Why is “X” product panel greyed out?
If one or more product panels are greyed out, it means one of two things:

1. Your organization isn’t subscribed to those PI products. 

2. Your organization is subscribed, but you haven’t been invited to use those products.

To request an invitation, we recommend you reach out to an organization admin or relevant product admin.
I’m getting an error when trying to send the Behavioral Assessment from the dashboard. Why?
Here’s how to troubleshoot if you’re receiving an error:

– Make sure you’re typing an email address, and not the name of the person.

– Verify that the email you’ve entered matches an allowed organization domain.

If you’re still receiving a message, it’s possible the person has already taken the PI Behavioral Assessment. You can view their results by searching their name within PI Inspire.
Can I send a Behavioral Assessment invite to a candidate from the dashboard?
The dashboard widget is intended to be used to send the BA to employees only.

Learn how to send the Behavioral Assessment to candidates.

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