Creating an open invitation link

An open invitation (OI) link is a persistent URL that allows any candidate who accesses it to take the PI Behavioral Assessment and/or PI Cognitive Assessment. 

Learn how to create and customize OI links in this article.

OI links give you greater control over how you send PI assessments. By creating a link, you can then share it with candidates as part of your existing workflow, such as in a job posting or email.

These links can be modified, allowing hiring teams to further personalize the assessment-taking experience. For instance, you can create a vanity link for the URL, or choose a landing page to direct survey takers to upon completing the assessment.

  1. Log in to PI Hire.
  2. Select the relevant job from the Hiring Center (or create a new job).
  1. Select the Candidates tab.
  2. Click the Send Assessments button.
  1. Click the “Share a link” tab.
  1. (Optional) Select “Enable Cognitive Assessment autosend” if you’d like the assessment taker(s) to also complete the PI Cognitive Assessment.
  2. Click the “Copy link” button in the bottom-right corner.
  1. The open invitation link will be copied to your clipboard. 

All set! Paste this link into a job posting or email thread, then direct candidates to it as part of your hiring process.

Any open invitation link you create can be modified. When creating an OI link, you’ll see two different options:

  • Notification settings: Modify who is notified after a candidate completes the Behavioral Assessment.
  • Additional configurations: Modify additional aspects of the OI link, such as the URL itself.

How to modify notification settings

From the OI creation screen:

  1. Click the “Notification settings” panel.
  1. Modify the notification settings for the job owner and assessment taker.
  2. (Optional) Under “Add another recipient,” enter the email address of anyone else who you’d like to receive notifications (e.g., a hiring manager).
  3. (Optional) If you’d like to remove a previously added recipient, click the trash can icon () to the right of their email address.
  4. Click “Save & copy link” to save changes.
  1. The OI link will also be copied to your clipboard.

How to modify additional configurations

From the OI creation screen:

  1. Click the “Additional configurations” panel.
  1. (Optional) Enter a unique link URL.
  2. (Optional) Enable kiosk mode.
  3. (Optional) Enter a redirect URL. This will send the survey taker to the chosen URL upon completing the Behavioral Assessment.

Note: You cannot add a redirect URL if kiosk mode is also enabled.

  1. Click “Save & copy link” to save changes.
  2. The OI link will also be copied to your clipboard.


I’m not getting notifications from my OI link. Why?
There are two possible reasons why you might not be receiving notifications:

1. Your OI link notifications are set to “none.”
2. You’re not currently added as a notification recipient.

To troubleshoot either issue, follow the instructions for “How to modify notification settings” from the Customizing an OI link section of this article.
I’d prefer to send assessments to candidates without creating an OI link. How?
You can send assessments to candidates right within PI Hire. To do so, refer to the following articles:

Sending the PI Behavioral Assessment
Sending the PI Cognitive Assessment
Is it possible to edit an existing OI link?
Yes. To do so:

1. Log in to PI Hire.

2. Select the relevant job from the Hiring Center.

3. Select the Candidates tab.

4. Click the Send Assessments button.

5. Click the “Share a link” tab.

6. The existing OI link settings associated with this job will appear.

7. Modify any settings you’d like.

8. Confirm by clicking “Save & copy link.”

9. The OI link will also be copied to your clipboard.

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