Getting started with Hire

PI Hire helps you identify and hire the right candidates for open roles, faster.

To get up and running with the software, it’s helpful to understand how Hire works. Everything you’ll do ties back to three core concepts:

  • Job: Determine the ideal behavioral and cognitive needs of the role.
  • Candidate: Gather candidate insights with behavioral and cognitive assessments.
  • Fit: Interview and assess candidates based on their potential fit for the role.

Learn more about each concept below.


The first thing you’ll do in Hire is create a Job. Each Job you create represents an open role your hiring team is looking to fill.

Once you create a Job, you’ll be prompted to create a corresponding Job Target. Every Job Target includes two elements:

  • A Behavioral Target that captures the ideal behavioral traits needed for this job role
  • A Cognitive Target that captures the ideal level of cognitive ability needed for the job

Note: Setting a Cognitive Target is an optional step.


Once you’ve created a Job and set a Job Target, you can start gathering candidate insights:


As candidate insights roll in, use PI Hire to analyze and act on those insights.

  • Review a candidate’s assessment results to see how their behavioral traits and cognitive ability match up to your Job Target.
  • Use the PI Interview Builder to generate interview questions you can use to confirm a candidate’s behavioral fit (or probe for red flags).

Tips and best practices

Here are some other ways to make the most of PI Hire:

  • Use the Job Ad Optimizer to compare your job description to your Job Target, and make your description more effective.
  • Share a Job with another member of your hiring team, so they can weigh in on your Job Target and/or prospective candidates.
  • Visit our Hire FAQs to see answers to common user questions.

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