Sharing a Job

PI Hire users can share access to Jobs with other existing users, as well as those not yet in the software.

Here is how sharing works by access level:

  • Admins can view, edit, and share all Jobs. 
  • Limited users can only view or share Jobs that have been shared with them. 

How to share a Job

  1. Click “Share” in the panel display to view all existing users with access to the Job.
  2. Enter the email address of the user(s) or non-user(s) to grant them Edit or View access.

Existing users will receive an email notification with a link to log in. That link will take them directly to the Job shared.

New users will get an email notification to create an account. Once the account is created, they can then log in to see the shared Job. (These users will be given limited access by default.)

Permissions and exceptions

To grant Edit permission, users must first have Edit permission. The 2 types of users who can give Edit permission are:

  1. Admins
  2. Limited users who have been shared the Job with Edit permission

This means that:

  • Users with View permission can only give View permission.
  • Users with Edit permission can give either Edit or View permission.

Note: A user with Edit permission can upgrade any user from View to Edit permission (including limited users) for this particular Job.

Removing access to a shared Job

Any PI Hire admin or company admin can remove a limited user’s access to the shared Job.

Admins cannot be removed from share access. 

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