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Sending bulk invitations

Looking to invite many co-workers to Inspire at once? The Manage Employees tab lets you send out bulk invitations by uploading an organization data file.

Note: You must be an Inspire admin to send bulk invitations.

How to send bulk invitations

  1. Log in to PI Inspire.
  2. From the Inspire homepage, select the “Manage Employees” tab.
  3. Click the “Send bulk invitations” button in the top-right corner.
  4. A pop-up will appear asking you to upload an organization data file.
  5. (Optional) Download our blank template for a file with pre-populated column headers.

Note: If you have existing employees in Inspire, you already have an organization data file. Click “Download it here” at the bottom of the pop-up to download it.

  1. Read the instructions, then click “Next step: Upload file.”
  2. Follow the guided instructions within the software to ensure your file is error-free. (Having trouble? Click here.)
  3. Once satisfied with your data, select “Import.” Any new users you add will be sent invitations to join Inspire.

I’m having trouble uploading my file. What should I do?

Once you click “Next step: Upload file,” you’ll be presented with a series of screens to walk you through the data upload. (Note: This process is powered by a third-party tool, OneSchema.)

Below is a detailed step-by-step you can follow to troubleshoot any issues:

1. Upload a file
Upload an Excel or CSV file containing the required data. (Note: Inspire provides a template file you can download to make this process easier.)

2. Select header row
Specify which row in the spreadsheet is your header row. (In most cases, the first row is the header row.) If OneSchema automatically detects your header row, it’ll skip this step. Once finished, click Next.

3. Map columns
Specify the columns uploaded via spreadsheet that correspond to the “template columns” required by Inspire. If OneSchema detects an exact match, it will automatically map those columns for you. Once finished, click Confirm mapping.

4. Review & finalize
You’ll be presented with a spreadsheet-like view of your organizational data. Use this screen to fix any validation errors within your file, either manually or automatically. Once satisfied with the changes, click “Import.”

Your organization file will be uploaded, and any new users will be sent invitations to join Inspire.


I don’t see the “Send bulk invitations” button. Why?
You must be an Inspire admin to send bulk invitations. To become an admin, ask your current admin to upgrade your access level.
I can’t find the template file to upload my data. Where is it?
1. Follow steps 1-4 from this section

2. You’ll be presented with a screen titled “Send bulk invitations.” 

3. Click the hyperlink that says “download our blank template.”
Is the data I upload secure?
Any data you upload is strictly confidential. The data is stored on secure servers, all of which comply with industry-standard data security protocols.

For more on PI’s data security protocols, visit our Trust Center.
I’d like to update my existing employee data. How can I do this?
You can update existing employee information by uploading a new organization data file. 

When you upload a new file, any updates will automatically apply to your Inspire employee list. New employees will be added to the list, and existing employees will be updated based on the imported file.

For example: Jane Doe is a member of your organization, as well as an existing Inspire user. She recently married and took the name Jane Mare, and you want to update her record in Inspire to reflect that fact. To do so, upload an organization file containing the new information. Inspire will automatically apply the changes.
Will uploading a new organization file ever delete an employee’s data?
No. If you have an existing organization file, your employee data is safe. Inspire will only add users to your employee list or update their existing information—never delete them.
How do I resend an invite?
1. Log in to PI Inspire.

2. From the Inspire homepage, select the Manage Employees tab.

3. Enter the person’s name or email in the search bar in the top-left corner.

4. Find their information from the list that generates.

5. Under Reference Profile, click the button titled “Resend Invite.”
How do I change someone’s Inspire access?
1. Log in to PI Inspire.

2. Click the gear icon () in the top-right of the navigation bar.

3. You will land on the Users tab within the Administration page.

4. Search for the name or email of the person whose access you’d like to change.

5. Click on the person’s name.

6. You will land on a page titled Edit User Record.

7. Under Access Level, select the desired access level for Inspire.

8. (Optional) Select/deselect the checkbox on the right.

9. Click Save Changes.
How do I remove a co-worker from Inspire?
While you cannot outright delete an employee and their data, you can remove their software access.
Is there any limit on the number of Inspire users I can add/manage?
The answer depends on whether you’ve signed up for a timed trial or a paid subscription.

Timed trial: There is no limit on the number of Inspire users your organization can have. 

Paid subscription: If you add more Inspire users than your subscription supports, you’ll be prompted to upgrade once your current subscription lapses.

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