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What is Manager Assistant?

Manager Assistant automates best practices by allowing you to schedule and repeat specific actions. These routines are proven to improve team performance, but it’s often hard to find the time to implement them, and starting from scratch can be overwhelming.

To solve the cold start problem, we’ve made high-value activities quick and easy with two guided workflows:

  1. Preparing for 1:1s
  2. Giving and receiving feedback

You can customize reminders and prompts by going to Profile > Assistant Settings > Manager Assistant.

Note: This feature is only available to managers.

Preparing for 1:1s

If you have connected your calendar to Perform, Manager Assistant will remind you to prepare the morning of your 1:1 in your “Your day ahead ☀️” email.

If you have enabled the Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations, you will receive an additional reminder 1 hour before your 1:1.

Giving and receiving feedback

Feedback is perhaps the highest leverage activity of a manager. The problem is, it can be onerous and time-consuming. We’ve taken the friction out of the feedback process by providing a guided experience with proven conversation starters and native video that saves time and takes the pain out of the feedback process.

Feedback reminders go out every other Monday at 9 am. You and your coworkers will receive an email (and a Slack or Teams notification if you’ve enabled it), and a workspace prompt.

Feedback received can only be viewed after it’s been returned, which reinforces the importance of bi-directional, lightweight feedback.

Note: Feedback is only attached to 1:1 workspaces—not group workspaces. To acknowledge co-workers in groups, use the Kudos feature.

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