Searching for a co-worker

Looking for a specific co-worker within PI Inspire? You can find them using the software’s search function.

How to find a co-worker in Inspire

  1. Log in to PI Inspire.
  2. You’ll land on the Inspire homepage.
  3. Enter the name of the person in the top-right search bar.
  4. Select the intended name from the option(s) that populate.
  5. You’ll be brought to that person’s Snapshot page.


Why can’t I find a co-worker with the search bar?
If a person doesn’t show up in search, here’s how to troubleshoot:

1. Make sure they’ve been invited to join Inspire.

2. Confirm they’ve completed the PI Behavioral Assessment.

3. Verify that they’ve logged into Inspire and reached the home screen.
How do I remove a co-worker from Inspire?
While you cannot outright delete an employee and their data, you can remove their software access.

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